Service Levels


Bottom Ring

Overall Safety Check, Wash & Adjust



condition of rims, tyres and spokes.



check condition of Chain, front rings and sprockets.  Adjust and reset gears as needed.



Check disks, pads and cables. Adjust as needed.



Check for defects, adjust headset and bottom bracket as needed.  Check torque settings of clamp bolts make any adjustments or recommendations.


Middle Ring

To Include all Bottom Ring Plus


Trueing of wheels


Thorough cleaning of drive chain and replace cables if needed.


Clean or replace brake pads and cables or bleed hydraulic systems.



Top Ring

To include all aspects of Middle Ring Plus


Total strip down and assessment of Headset, Bottom Bracket, Wheel Hubs.


Clean and regrease all bearings replace balls if needed. Clean and face



For cassette bearings, headset races, chainset replacement, parts at cost if needed.


If you have a project bike or a new bike that you’ve bought online then I can build and set it up for you.